Additional requirements if accepted for
Full Membership include:

      • Educate others and myself in the history of the
Buffalo Soldiers.

      • Actively support the Club and its functions.

      • Agree not to discuss Club business that has been
discussed in a “Closed” session of the membership, with
any person NOT a member of the BSMC.

      • Agree that no intoxicants will be consumed during
any club meetings.

      • Pay Club dues as required in the By-Laws.

      • Agree to wear Club “Logo/Scholey/Colors/Patches”
at Club events and meetings.

      • Agree that the “Logo/Scholey/Colors/Patches” are
the property of the BSMC, and are to be returned by me if
either the Club or I terminate my membership for any

      • Agree to terminate membership in any other club that
I am currently a member of before I become a member of
the BSMC Lawton Chapter.

      • Acceptance of both the National and Lawton Chapter

      • Agree to a “face to face” meeting with the Club.
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Please contact us if you are interested in
becoming a member